Take a trip back through time and enter an evolving immersive 3D world inspired by the monumentally historical Edo period in Japan. Launching in 2023, this expansive Metaverse will be brimming with rich history, beautiful landscapes, a growing economy, games, and much more.

Sequin Builds for Brands

Sequin is a full-service 3D company launching brands in the metaverse. Our customized metaverse solution allows you to own your customer in your fully branded world to drive engagement and revenue.

Built on History

Led by the guidance of Iehiro Tokugawa, the 19th Head of the Tokugawa Shogunal Household, the Edoverse will be built from detailed historical records and images to create a sense of authenticity and realism.

Evolving World

The ever-expanding 3D space will evolve alongside its community. Own land within growing historical districts or endlessly wander through the vibrant, alive city for exciting interaction at every turn.

Play and Earn

Explore and enjoy interactive games centered around Edo period combat like duels with Katanas and sumo wrestling to climb societal ranks while also having opportunities to earn Edoverse cryptocurrency.

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