Build your Metaverse with Sequin

Sequin's Metaverse Technology enables our partners to create high-fidelity 3D spaces with speed and ease, allowing them to create and control their Metaverse and unlock new streams of revenue.

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Proprietary Metaverse Technology

  • Create and host 3D assets.

  • Connect to blockchain smart contracts.

  • Integrate with Web2 technology.

  • Interoperate with other digital worlds.

A platform that works for you

  • A user on-ramp and first-mile experience.

  • Access to a shared community platform.

  • Management & analytics of the digital world.

      "25% of people will spend at least one hour a day  in the metaverse to work, shop, attend school, socialize or consume entertainment by 2026" Gartner Report, February 2022