Epic Games Awards Sequin AR MegaGrant.

Robert DeFranco
Feb 18

We are very excited to announce that Epic Games has awarded Sequin AR a MegaGrant for the development of our Glimmer software solution. We would like to thank everyone at Epic Games for this tremendous opportunity!

Sequin AR provides augmented reality consulting, creative, broadcast production and custom Unreal Engine software development services to media companies. Through our client engagements we saw a unique opportunity to automate the process.

Glimmer, an Unreal Engine plugin, makes it easy for non-developers to manage augmented and immersive reality content. It helps content producers and media companies quickly adopt Unreal Engine without hiring a team of developers or artists. It speeds the iterative process and leads to more impactful content.

We will be demonstrating Glimmer at NAB 2020 in Las Vegas. Please drop us an email to schedule a time at NAB. If you would like early access to Glimmer or input on our product roadmap email us.

To get the latest on Glimmer and Sequin AR, visit our contact page to join our newsletter.

Please visit Epic MegaGrants to learn more about the program.

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